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Challenge your members with goals that drive loyalty.

Find your best advocates

Know the people who are most engaged to your company.

Promote your brand

Boost your online visibility thanks to your loyal users.


Points & Status

Reward people with points and status for performing relevant actions on your website.

Automation for

Install our nifty front-end widget in no time to monitor user activity on the go.

Full customization

Manage your program online.

Go beyond automatic actions using our REST API, letting you build any user challenge you can possibly imagine.

What you can expect

High performance

Fast, reliable, and designed for gamification purposes.

Easy set up

A few lines of code and an online administration.


Easily adjust your goals and status anytime.


It has been a joy to work with Pleesher, who responded very fast to our requests and questions. Their achievement system was custom-made for the volunteer contributors of our wiki, providing them with tangible goals to work towards, while helping us monitor their engagement as they continue to make Liquipedia the best esports wiki.

Pleesher were very responsive to our ideas and even created a new feature specifically for our needs: a “showcase” system where users can pick their proudest achievements to highlight to other users.

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